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Frequently Asked Questions

Q01 - Is this the Official Ross Revenge website ?
A01 - No, the official site is
Q02 - Is Ross Revenge the original Radio Caroline ship ?
A02 - No. There were two other Radio Caroline ships prior to the Ross Revenge, those being Fredericia, and Mi Amigo. We touch briefly on the history of the two previous ships (to be honest they both deserve their own website in their own right) but this site is dedicated to the Ross Revenge.
Q03 - Can I Visit the Ross Revenge ?
A03 - Good news - yes you can ! - After a lot of hard work from the management and crew during 2015 - 2016, the ships insurers agreed to public visits onboard the Ross Revenge. Take a look at our Ship Tours section to be taken direct to the Radio Caroline booking page.
Q04 - Do Radio Caroline Still Broadcast From The Ship ?
A04 - Yes - Live broadcasts are usually on the last weekend of the month (with some exceptions). Caroline North broadcasts are live from the ship via the Internet and relayed on AM via the Manx Radio transmitter on the Isle of Man. If you want to coincide your ship visit with a live broadcast check out Radio Caroline - Manx Broadcasts via the Radio Caroline website for upcoming 1368Khz Manx Broadcasts
Q05 - Where Is the Ross Revenge Moored - How Long is The Journey to the Ship ?
A05 - Ross Revenge is currently moored on the River Blackwater in Essex. Ship visits run out of Mersea Island on the Razorbill 3, skippered by Stuart Belbin. Journey time is approximately 20 minutes.
Q06 - I'm not that agile - what's it like boarding Ross Revenge ?
A06 - Fortunately the days of leaping from a supply boat and climbing rope ladders onto the Ross are a thing of the distant past. Boarding these days is by means of two or three steps (depending on the tide) on either the Port or Starboard side of the ship, via a purpose made gate. If you can manage the stairs at home going to bed - you wont have a problem getting onboard the ship. If you struggle with steps Stuart and his crew will be glad to help you.
Q07 - Your Site Has Missed A Lot of Radio Caroline History - Why is This ?
A07 - This site is dedicated to Ross Revenge, and its history throughout the years. There are plenty of good sites out there that have dealt with every knock and blow that Radio Caroline has been dealt ( not least the Caroline flagship ) but we've tried to restrict ourselves to all things 'Ross'. That said, we do deviate through our pages ..... its inevitable !
Q08 - I've notice that MY photo is being used on your site
A08 - We have sought a lot of advice whilst preparing this website and have made every effort to comply with Section 107 of the Copyright Act. If you feel aggrieved that your media has been used on this site, prior to us contacting you, we understand - we would be pretty p****d if it happened to us. It may be something as simple as your file being located in multiple locations, or an oversight by us, but if you have any issues with your media being used on our website (a) in the first instance please check to see if you have been acknowledged in our Credits or (b) contact us via our Forums to resolve the issue.
Q09 - I have photos you might find useful for the website - where do I send them ?
A09 -Any photos, or information we've missed, are greatly appreciated. Contact us and we'll do our best to include them (and you) on the site.
Q10 - I've joined your mailing list - but I'm not receiving Newsletters ?
A10 - Our mailing list is fully automated but you will need to confirm your subscription via the email that was sent to you. If you have already done this and were directed to our 'Thanks !!!' page you are on the database. As a mailing list there is every chance that our Newsletter has been directed to your Junk Mail / Spam Mail folder - check there first and mark our email as 'Not Junk'. If you still find that you have not received our Newsletter contact us and we'll try and fix the problem for you.
Q11 - What 'Promotions' do you offer ?
A11 - Our promotions can be anything from discounted software and drawings to free signed drawings from the Radio Caroline broadcasters. We normally co-incide promotions with Crew maintenance weekends or Radio Caroline Manx broadcast weekends. Either way we'll let you know well in advance how to participate.
Q12 - Why are Promotions limited to mailing list subscribers. ?
A12 - We believe its much fairer for those of you who are actively engaging with our website to benefit from promotions - be that either through our Newsletter or Forums.
Q13 - I want to download your drawings - but can only view them ?
A13 - We are still in the process of setting up our Store front and more importantly finding a way that all purchases can be re-directed through the Radio Caroline Web Shop. Its not that difficult to set up but we need to agree the logistics with Radio Caroline first.
Q14 - Why do you use Digify to present your drawings ?
A14 - Simple - to prevent downloading and unauthorised distribution of our files. Digify's adaptive watermarking also renders the files pretty useless for anyone that wants to screen capture our files. We are currently working on our own DRM measures and will implement these in the near future.
Q15 - How does DRM work with your drawing files ?
A15 - Whilst it all might sound a bit Big Brother'ish - its not really. We use DRM to monitor the usage of of our files - at no point do we have access to our customers devices. Our DRM enabled files effectively send out a beacon when they are being opened and the duration that they are viewed. By using DRM in this way we can monitor what files are most popular and future works can be centered on this information. There is no point on us working on 3D views of one part of the ship if another area is more popular ... 3D work is very time consuming.
Q16 - Can I purchase full size paper drawings ?
A16 - Yes you can. We are currently in talks with Radio Caroline as to how this can best be implemented via the Radio Caroline Web Shop
Q17 - Can you make me a custom drawing ?
A17 - Now that our base drawings are completed the sky really is the limit. Yes we can produce drawings to your specification - if you want a personalised drawing with photos and different views of the Ross Revenge we can assist.
Q18 - Are your AutoCAD source files available for purchase ?
A18 - Sorry No - our AutoCAD source files will always remain our intellectual property until a time that we decide to hand them to a trustworthy partner. They are also the base of all future works ..... it would be counterproductive to start sending them out to all and sundry.
Q19 - When will your software be available ?
A19 - We are in advanced stages of development with the Windows (desktop) software and iOS (iPad) app but have no definitive date for release at the moment. Unfortunatley Android fans will be last on the list - Sorry !. What we can say is that before our software and apps go live we'll be offering beta testing to a limited number of our 'faithfulls' - watch that space.
Q20 - What will your software feature ?
A20 - We'd love to tell you, but if we did ... we'd have to shoot you :) We have some pretty cool ideas for the software and apps but some of these features are subject to agreement with the powers that be.
Q21 - Videos seem to be missing on your site ?
A21 - Our site is optimised for HTML5 and we've followed these principles for displaying videos. If our videos appear to be missing it is probably because you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. We'd suggest downloading and installing either Firefox - Chrome or Safari - all of which work fine with our site.
Q22 - I'm having problems viewing PDF's my mobile device - I only get the first page ?
A22 - This is a common problem with how mobile devices render PDF's presented in iFrames. In our Downloads section please use the Mobile links, rather than the PC links, and the PDF's should now be both viewable and scrollable.