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Third Party Media

This site uses third party photos and videos listed below which are openly available on the internet. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of the media providers, without whom sections of this site would not have been possible.

Photo MS Freyr - RE1 Freyr Seebeckwerft Unknown Unknown
Photo MS Freyr - RE1 Seebeckwerft SSW Schichau Seebeck
Photo Freyr At Sea Freyr RE1 Bátar og Skip Bátar og Skip
Photo Freyr At Sea Freyr Montage Bill Grummel Unknown
Photo Rudolph Schultze Rudolph Schultze Snr Claus Phillip By Email
Photo Rudolph Schultze RS Order Book Claus Phillip By Email
Photo Vikingur AK100 Vikingur AK100 Bendt Nielson Ship Spotting
Video Vikingur AK100 Vikingur AK100 Ljósmyndasafn Akraness YouTube
Photo Sigurdur IS33 Sigurdur IS33 Hilmar Snorassan Ship Spotting
Photo Mai GK346 Mai GK346 Bátar og Skip Bátar og Skip
Video Mai GK346 Mai GK346 Viðar Oddgeirsson YouTube
Video Gates Dualux Console A Day in The Life Mr Vinamp YouTube
Photo Russco Turntables Russell C Friend Russco Turntable Company Russco Turntables
Photo Studio 2 - Monique Radio Monique Studio Eylard Harmsen Eylard.NL
Video Studio 3 - Overdrive Gates Yard Console Jan Parent YouTube
Photo Studio 4 - News Room 558 News Room Tony Palmer Pirate Hall of Fame
Photo Engine Room - Liver Oil Oilco 7 Barge Jeff Beedham Grimsby Telegraph
Video Engine Room - Vulkan Coupling Fluid Coupling Demonstration HMK Technical Services YouTube
Video Crew - Chief Engineer Ernie Stevenson pinkpaperbutterflies YouTube
Video GY718 - Cod Wars Icelandic Cod Wars Haan YouTube
Video 1989 Dutch Raid Volans Alongside Ross Rens Maas YouTube
Video 1991 Grounded on the Goodwin Sands TVS News Reports hoekkeoh YouTube
Photos Tilbury Renovation Works - 2004 to 2014 Various Photos Fleur Noteboom By Email
Video 2012 - New Mast Installed Radio Structures Installation Radio Structures Ltd YouTube
Video 1987 Mast Collapses The Drama of The Mast Collapsing Wim Van Egmond YouTube
Photos 81-83 - Santander Various Photos Martin Van Der Ven The Offshore Radio Archive
PDF Radio Caroline 20th Birthday Monitor Magazine - 1984 Publication Ken @ DX Archive DX Archive