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To get the best understanding of how the Werkspoor TMABS3910 operates, and is maintained, the drawings below should be viewed in conjunction with our Werkspoor Documentation.


819-RR-WF-001 Werkspoor Fig.1 - General Arrangement A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-002 Werkspoor Fig.2 - Cross Section A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-003 Werkspoor Fig.3 - Inlet & Exhaust Valves A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-004 Werkspoor Fig.4 - Cooling Water Outlet Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-005 Werkspoor Fig.5 - Piston, Connecting Rod & Bottom End Bearing A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-006 Werkspoor Fig.6 - Fuel Control System A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-007 Werkspoor Fig.7 - Governor A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-008 Werkspoor Fig.8 - Lubricating Oil Cooler A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-009 Werkspoor Fig.9 - Cylinder Lubrication & Cooling Water System A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-010 Werkspoor Fig.10c - Cylinder Lubricator (Manzel 'B' Type) A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-011 Werkspoor Fig.11 - Reversing & Manoevering Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-012 Werkspoor Fig.12 - Diagramatic Arrangement of Manoevering System A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-013 Werkspoor Fig.13 - Automatic Starting Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-14 Werkspoor Fig.14 - Air Starting Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-015 Werkspoor Fig.15 - Direction Locking Device A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-016 Werkspoor Fig.16 - Thermostatic Control Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-018 Werkspoor Fig.18 - Fuel Pump A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-019 Werkspoor Fig.19 - Injector A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-022 Werkspoor Fig.22 - Piston Withdrawing Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-023 Werkspoor Fig.23 - Liner Withdrawing & Inserting Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-024 Werkspoor Fig.24 - Removal of Main Bearing Cap A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-025 Werkspoor Fig.25 - Removal of Main Bearing Shell A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-026 Werkspoor Fig.26 - Crankshaft Bridge Gauge A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-027 Werkspoor Fig.27 - Crankwheel Deflection Gauge A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-028 Werkspoor Fig.28 - Engine Settings A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-029AB Werkspoor Fig.29AB - Inlet & Exhaust Valve Dismantling Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WF-030 Werkspoor Fig.30 - Ajustment of Cam Follower Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-001 Werkspoor B390701 - Cylinder & Cylinder Head A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-002 Werkspoor B390202 - Cylinder Lubricating Plug A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-003 Werkspoor B391303 - Bedplate & Crankshaft A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-004 Werkspoor B390104 - Inlet & Exhaust Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-005 Werkspoor B390505 - Starting Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-006 Werkspoor B390206 - Piston & Connecting Rod A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-007 Werkspoor B392107 - Camshaft With Gearing A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-008 Werkspoor B390508 - Valve Moving Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-009 Werkspoor B390809 - Fuel Pump Drive A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-010 Werkspoor B390310 - Fuel Pump A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-011 Werkspoor B390311 - Atomiser A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-012 Werkspoor B390212 - Fuel Filter A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-013 Werkspoor B390213 - Lubricating Oil Filter A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-014 Werkspoor B390916 - Manoevering Gear (1) A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-015 Werkspoor B391117 - Manoevering Gear (2) A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-016 Werkspoor B391618 - Governor Arrangement A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-017 Werkspoor B390121 - Automatic Starting Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-018 Werkspoor B390134 - Lubricating Oil Overflow Valve A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-019 Werkspoor B390135 - Turning Gear A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-020 Werkspoor B390136 - Direction Locking Device A3 N/A View
819-RR-WP-021 Werkspoor B390137 - Fuel Regulation A3 N/A View
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