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Ross Revenge Drawings

Ross Revenge Drawings

During the summer of 2015 we were made aware of a list of recommendations the ships insurance surveyor had detailed that needed to be completed to enable Public Visits onboard the Ross Revenge. One of the recommendations, the requirement for a ships Fire Plan, was where our journey started.

As is often the case on a project of this size, one drawing leads to another and before you know it you end up with a catologue containing 100's. The Ross Revenge is no exception to this and it seems whereever you wander there is always something else to draw.

Our first initial drawing [ 558-RR-FP-001 ] took some 6 months to create, painfully exploring every part of the ship with tape and laser measures. This single drawing however formed the foundation for all subsequent drawings that can be found on this site.

Our drawings are created in AutoCAD and consist of 2D and 3D layouts, which we suspect will no doubt be a 'work in progress' for a long time to come. As and when these are signed off they will be made available online. Please keep an eye on our updates page if you are interested in the drawing side of the site, or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Drawings on this site are split into four categories;

199 Series

199 Series drawings consist of electrical and mechanical schematic layouts. If you are interested in what kept the ship running the drawings in this section will definatley be of interest.

319 Series

319 Series drawings were created for those involved with model making. Fully dimensioned 2D plan and elevation layouts are provided for every part of the Ross Revenge.

519 Series

Our 519 Series drawings replicate the 319 Series drawings, but with a 3D twist. In addition you'll find 3D drawings of the ships superstructure and hull modelling layouts. In essence 519 is all things 3D.

558 Series

558 Series drawings are our full size layouts and we suspect will be the most popular. If you are looking for a full perspective of the Ross Revenge in either plan view or side elevations this is the section for you.

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