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Our Deck Lighting layout 558-RR-EL-001 details all lighting systems onboard the Ross Revenge installed above the waterline. At the time the MS Freyr was built, as was common with trawlers built at the time, all lighting installations were DC powered and for the most part this carried through to when Ross Trawlers purchased the ship in 1963.

During the years that Radio Caroline have been in occupation a lot of work has been carried out to convert the lighting systems from 230v DC to 230v AC - with a few exceptions, notably the Crew accommodation, Record Library, Chart Room / WT Operator and the upper gantry level within the Engine Room.

In line with current Health & Safety legislation emergency lighting systems have also been added, supplemented by solar powered panels to keep these systems 'topped up' during the periods that the crew are not oboard and no generators are running. As you can see from our drawing below the AC lighting for each area is derived from its own local distribution board.