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The drawing below is the Fuel Oil Separation schematic layout for the systems onboard the Ross Revenge. Its worth first getting an understanding of the key compoonents involved with the Ross Revenge fuel oil separation process shown on our schematic below -

(# 1) - Werkspoor 2400hp Main Engine
(# 11) - Port & Starboard 120kVA Deutz Generators
(# 12) - MWM 30kVA Generator

and of course

(# 73) The Fuel Storage Tanks (Day Tanks)

To get a better understanding of what Fuel Oil is, and its uses within a marine environment, we go into more detail below;

Fuel oil comes in many shapes and forms, but for maritime purposes if we first take the 'Bunker Fuel' type it falls into the following six categories;

No 1 Fuel Oil No 1 Distillate No 1 Diesel Fuel Distillate
No 2 Fuel Oil No 2 Distillate No 2 Diesel Fuel Distillate
No 3 Fuel Oil No 3 Distillate No 3 Diesel Fuel Distillate
No 4 Fuel Oil No 4 Distillate No 4 Residual Fuel Oil Distillate / Residual
No 5 Fuel Oil No 5 Distillate Heavy Fuel Oil Residual
No 6 Fuel Oil No 6 Distillate Heavy Fuel Oil Residual

The term Bunker Fuel (or Bunker Crude) is a term that can be apportioned to any type of fuel used onboard vessels and its name comes from the tanks on ships that it is stored in. In the early days of steam these bunkers were known as coal bunkers but more recently they are known as bunker fuel tanks.