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Located in the ships engine room the Main DC Switchpanel, manufactured by Rudolph Schulze in 1960, provides power to all areas of the Ross Revenge. Our DC Distribution Layout details how the electrical distribution is afforded onboard the Ross Revenge.

Rudolph Schulze produced many other DC distribution boards, still in use onboard the Ross Revenge, and their longevity is testamount to the great German engineering of the 60's era when they were installed. For further information on the Main DC Switchgear panel please see our [ DC Config ] page.


Modern day electricity requirements onboard the Ross Revenge neccesitate that power to appliances and machinery are AC powered and as such all generators used on the ship produce varying outputs of AC. There is however still a requirement for some areas of the ship, notably the ship's Fire Pump, Crew cabins and Windlass anchor winch to be provided with DC power.

As you can see from our DC Config page to overcome the lack of usable DC power generation onboard the Ross Revenge, rectified AC is provided to the DC Main Switchpanel. Terminating into what was once the Port Side Deutz main switch, DC is then applied to the essential and non-essential busbars running through the main switchpanel and further distributed out around the ship via protective devices.


At the time the ship was built all power oboard was DC derived relying on a host of DC generating equipment, namely the MWM Generator, Port & Starboard Deutz Generators and the dual wound Shaft Generator.