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Downloads - Ampliphase Outphasing

PATENT US1946308

Russell C Friend - Russco
The Ampliphase design was concieved by by Henri Chireix of Societe Francaise Radio- Electrique in 1932, subsequently awarded the Patent US1946308 in the USA, and was termed 'outphasing' by him.

Ampliphase, the brand name, was originally marketed by RCA for AM broadcast transmitters and is best described as a amplitude modulation system achieved by summing up phase modulation.

(i)The system takes a carrier signal (audio) and splits it into two identical signals
(ii) To enable a base power output with zero modulation from the transmitter the signals are phase shifted by 135° from each other.
(iii)Each signal is then phase modulated by the audio signal, one signal is positively phase modulated while the other is negatively phase modulated
(iv) The two signals are then amplified to the required power output
(v) Finally, the two signals are summed in the final output filter stage of the transmitter