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2018 - Engine Room Lighting Refurbishment (Part 1)

With the influx of visitors to the Ross Revenge it was recently picked up by boat trips skipper, Stuart Belbin, that a better visitor experience could be achieved if the ships Engine Room was better illuminated - and so the decision was taken to enhance the engine room lighting by switching over from the ageing high frequency fluorescent fittings to LED spot lights and flood lights.

For those that have ever visited the Ross Revenge and walked the upper gantry in the Engine Room you will know all too well that whilst the view of Werkspoor engine cant be faulted, getting a good view of the lower levels of the room is hampered by dimly illuminated incandescent DC lighting.

Assisted by lighting manufacturer Ansell Lighting, various light fittings were chosen, that it was felt would both compliment the existing DC lighting, whilst at the same time allowing visitors a much better view of the lower levels.


The first task was to choose just two light fittings out of the samples provided by Ansell Lighting and position them at key points around the Engine Room to see what would work best.

Below you can see Nick Farrant positioning an Ansell 20w spot light to illuminate the Starboard Deutz Generator

Nick Farrant

From a vistor viewpoint the Deutz can now be seen in much more clearly.

Ansell Lighting Deutz Generator

The same excercise carried out again using an Ansell 20w spot light, but this time on the Starboard MWM Generator and Compressors .... again, with the same great results.

Ansell Lighting MWM Generator

One of the more challenging areas to illuminate was the lower level port side of the Engine Room. And for this we switched to an Ansell 50w LED flood light. David Noakes spent time positioning the flood light at high level to try and get the best results - and as you can see from the view from the upper gantry, the view is now far better than it was previously.

Ansell Lighting Port Side Engine Room

A selection of photos below of the cabling installation including all crew members involved with the first part of the installation - David Noakes | Nick Farrant | Paul Brown | Steve Swallow | Mike Webb | George Johnson | Roland Beaney

David Noakes
Paul Brown
Nick Farrant
George Johnson
Ross Revenge Crew 1
Ross Revenge Crew 2