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2019 - Previously Unseen GY718 Photos

Thanks to fellow Ross Revenge Maintenance Crew member Roger Tricker, (also Admin for the Free Radio Forum), we are pleased to be have been able to post a few previously unseen Ross Revenge photos from her fishing days, circa 1968. The photos were taken by David Swale on the quayside at Grimsby Docks North Wall - with tug 'Brenda Fisher' guiding Ross Revenge into port.

  • 24v Manned Unmanned Isolator
    Ross Revenge 1968 - Grimsby (1)
  • Emergency Lighting Distribution Board
    Ross Revenge 1968 - Grimsby (2)
  • Fire Alarm Volage
    Ross Revenge 1968 - Grimsby (3)

We often find that when it comes to Ross Revenge - there is usally 'history hidden behind history'. These photos are no exception to this. The tug, Brenda Fisher, was named after a record breaking swim of the English Channel in 1951 by the tug skippers daughter. See also Wikipedia.

The above photos were kindly forwarded to Roger by The Ipswich Transport Society who produce a monthly Journal to members, with current news of activities relating to Rail - Buses and Shipping, in and around Suffolk and North Essex. Hopefully we'll see a Journal dedicated to Ross Revenge at some point ?

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