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2017 - Thanks To The Crew

If you have already read our Radio Caroline section you'll have seen the amount of work that was required to get the Ross Revenge back into ship shape condition following her detention at Dover in 1991. Whilst much has been done since those days it is a never ending process to keep the ship maintained. The Ross Revenge crew have a formidable task - often with little recognition for their works, so it seems fitting that our opening Blog is dedicated to the crew.

Thanks to all of the crew for providing some great memories during my time onboard with them from 2015 to 2017. Roland for keeping us entertained with your saturday night requests show, Derek for your saturday night curry, ..... and most importantly to all of you for doing a great job in all weathers.

The DJ's provide the good music but without maintenance being carried out the Ross Revenge wouldn't look half as good as she does right now.

In no particular order, and in recognition for all the hard work these guys do, please find below the current Ross Revenge crew of 2017;

George ScullionDerek May Keith StimpsonMike Webb
David Noakes Roger Tricker Alan Beech Roland Beaney
Nick Boyce Pete Crisp

L-R (Top)
George Scullion | Derek May | Keith Stimpson | Mike Webb

L-R (Middle)
David Noakes | Roger Tricker | Alan Beech | Roland Beaney

L-R (Bottom)
Nick Boyce (Tender Skipper) | Pete Crisp (Skippers Mate)

Our drawings being made available online (and consequently the website and software) were concieved as a result of conversations with Alan Beech over the last couple of years - so a special thanks go to you Alan.