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2019 - We've Moved to SSL

Ofcom AM License
Why The Change ?

When we first set up Ross Revenge Plans it was always our intention to keep the site maintained, not just with content but also on a technical level. The move to securing this site is a natural progression that not only protects our visitors, it also protects our content and enables us to move onto the next phase, in our opinion the most interesting phase, of Ross Revenge Plans.

How Do Our Visitors Benefit ?

Just about anyone that shops online is aware of the Green Padlock that symbolosies security. As those of you that shop online know, security normally only kicks in when you go to the checkout or fill in a form .... the rest of the time you are viewing a website, you do so under the 'standard' convention of http:// which, in short, means your details and movements can be potentially exposed.

Whilst we dont have a check out page, we do agree with the priciples of ensuring that we are all connecting to safe websites, where our details are not exposed. We have decided to make the move to 'Always On SSL/TSL' as this level of security allows all of our pages to be encrypted (not just forms / passwords / checkouts etc) .... thus providing a totally secure browsing experience for our visitors.

What Changes ?

The transition to SSL/TLS has now been completed so you'll notice the Green Padlock (in Firebox) and the Grey Padlocks (in Chrome & Safari) that you are not doubt used to seeing on secured websites. Our visitors can now be assured that we have done all that we can to secure any interaction you have with our website.

Thanks for your continued interest and support.

An 'Always On SSL/TLS' Overview Can Be Found @ Symantec