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Caroline | Monique Diplexer

During the period between 1984 and 1987 transmissions onboard the Ross Revenge were shared between Radio Caroline and Radio Monique. With Monique broadcasting via the 50kW Ampliphase transmitter on 963kHz and Caroline broadcasting on 585kHz via the smaller 10kW transmitter a means needed to found so that both could transmit via the same antenna.

Whilst this looked relatively easy on paper - given the facilities available onboard the Ross Revenge, and the funds available, the design and implementation of the diplexer really was - puttting it mildly, a challenge. Credit where it's due - this was predominately achieved by the ships transmitter engineer, Peter Chicago.

Radio Caroline Diplexer

With potential voltages of 25,000v and loads of 100A being present within the diplexer components, it was decided to reduce the output of both the 50kW and 10kW transmitters to 27kW and 7kW respectively. Although the operating power of the transmitters had almost been halved the lower frequency that Radio Caroline was broadcasting on allowed them still to cover a far reaching distance without effecting the quality of service.

RCA BTA-50H (50kW Transmitter) | RCA BTA-5H (5kW Transmitter)