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Russco Broadcast Turntables

Russell C Friend - Russco
Russell C Friend formed the Russco Turntable Company in 1948 from the back of his house in Clovis California, and continued operations in a much larger factory in Fresno CA until 1975, .... the point that the japanese market were able to produce similar products at a much reduced cost. In addition to producing studio quality turntables Russco were also involved in almost every aspect of broadcast studio products, including mixing consoles - phono pre amps and tone arms.

Russco turntables were built for durability and were the preferred choice for radio stations worldwide. Along with Gates mixing consoles and RCA transmitter equipment, Russco were considered the only choice of turntables when putting together a professional broadcast studio.

A talented engineer and businessman Russ was still providing turntable parts from his home prior to his death in 2011, aged 91.

Radio Caroline - Russco Spotmaster 	                       Turntables Pictured right are the two Russco Spotmaster turntables previously employed in the Radio Caroline Heritage Studio. Some fifty years after production one of these turntables is still in perfect working condition, with the other requiring only minor repairs to be brought back into use.

Russco turntables were originally designed and built with the AM broadcast industry in mind, to be used by DJ's 24-7 whilst also being user friendly for engineers who had to maintain them. There was nothing onboard these units to deal with rumble and flutter, other than (in some cases) sand filled cavities to reduce resonnance - both of these issues had to be dealt with on the output audio signal by means of signal processing. In Radio Caroline's setup this was dealt with by Orban Optimod processors prior to transmission, which we explore in more detail in our Transmitter Room section on this site.