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NAB Carts

Radio Caroline NAB Cart - Bell

Up until the advent of the minidisk in the 1990's and later computerised software the Fidelipac, or NAB Cartridge as they are more commonly known, were widely used by radio stations for playing jingles and advertisements. Shown opposite are a number of carts used in Radio Caroline's Studio 1 - including the famous Bell jingle used at the top of each hour.

The Fidelipac was developed in 1954 by inventor George Eash and commercially introduced to the market by Collins Radio in 1959.

Based on an endless loop tape the cartridge housed a ¼" (6.4mm) analog, two track format, recording tape. One of the tracks was used for audio, be that jingle or advertisement, with the other used as a 'stop and cue' track. The second track would have contained a recorded tone at the start of the jingle to enable the DJ cue up and another tone at the end of the jingle to stop and rewind back to the start of the tape. The industry standard tape speed was 7.5 inches per second.