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Gates Yard Console

Radio Caroline Gates Yard Console

As with Studio 1, Overdrive utilised Gates mixing for their broadcasts - in this case the smaller 'The Yard' mixing console. Pictured above is the console used for the Overdrive broadcasts, which is still to this day in its original location.

Mixing Channels Total of 6 - key controlled above each control. Mixers ladder type, 20 step 2db.
Preampliers Four provided, 2 stage printed circuit.
Program Amplifier Four stages provide higher gain but lower noise through gradual amplification. Printed wiring employed.
Monitor Amplifiers Three separate one watt amplifiers connect directly to speakers - employing grid shunt muting.
Power Supply Self contained full wave transformer type for all filament, bias and plate voltage.
>Mixer Keys Above each mixing key. Connects each channel to either program buss or cue amplifier buss. Also operates grid shunt muting of monitoring amplifiers and provides contacts for operation of M5050 optional relay panel.
Turntable Inputs 150 / 250 ohm hi-level selected into mixing Channels 5 and 6 via keys. Two provided.
Projector Inputs 150 / 250 ohm hi-level selected into mixing Channels 5 and 6 via keys. Two provided.
Remote Inputs 4 Circuits key selected 500 / 600 ohns balanced to ground. Includes cueing to remote lines - opeates through mixing Channel 6.
Cueing Amplifier Self contained three stage with loudspeaker on front panel. Used wth Master Select switch.
VU Meter 4" illuminated directly adjacent to master gain control.
Output Switch Selects program output amplifier out to choice of 2 lines.
Master Gain To extreme right, adjacent to VU meter.
Headphones 3 jacks to all use of phones across either program line or cue amplifier circuit.
Accessibility Front panel hinges down, lid of cabinet raises up exposing all internal equipment for 100% servicing. Indvidual amplifiers quickly removable if need be.

And below a 1987 Overdrive clip featuring Mark Matthews .... with The Yard in use.