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Werkspoor Engine

Ross Revenge Werkspoor Engine
Our Werkspoor section is one of the most informative guides for the Ross Revenge engine that can be found on the internet. This section deals with every aspect of the Werkspoor engine, including maintenance recommendations, and also delves into the engines associated auxillary systems. For ease of reading our Werkspoor documentation is split into five sections;

Section [1] - General Description
Section [2] - In Service
Section [3] - Maintenance
Section [4] - Parts List
Section [5] - Drawings

The Werkspoor TMABS 3910 engine is of the four stroke cycle, single acting trunk piston type, direct reversing and employing solid injection of fuel. It is pressure-charged by means of an exhaust-gas driven turbo charger. The turbo charger comprises a single stage axial flow turbine, driven by the exhaust gases, which is coupled to a radial flow air compressor. Air is drawn in through the air filter silencer and is then compressed and delivered through the pressure charge cooler to the air manifold. In this way a greater weight of air is forced into the cylinders during the suction stroke, enabling more fuel to be burned and consequently greater power to be developed compared with a naturally aspirated engine.

In Section 1 we go into detailed descriptions of all the priciple parts of the engine, with exception to the turbo charger and pressure charge cooler.

Section 2 is devoted to the operation of the engine while Section 3 deals with the maintenance of the principle parts. The parts list detailed in Section 4 is not intended to be comprehensive but includes all parts which are subject to wear and tear.

Section 5 ... is what we are all about - providing drawings of the great ship that is the Ross Revenge. In this section we provide detailed drawings of the main components of the Werkspoor engine.


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