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Shaft Generator

Ross Revenge - Shaft Generator

Coupled to the Werkspoor main engine an additional form of electrical power generation was provided onboard the Ross Revenge - a Dual Wound DC Shaft Generator.

Rated at 440v DC (225kVA) / 220v DC (120kVA), the shaft generator was used on long fishing trips where the speed of the ship was at a constant, and was capable of providing power to all of the ships electrical equipment.

The generators 440v winding was used exclusively for the main trawling winch, with the 220v winding being used for everything else onboard. With an electrical output of 512A on the 440v winding and 522A on the 220v winding you can appreciate the amount of heat that was generated by this unit. To compensate for this an electric air blower was provided (shown on top of the generator), and in an emergency, if there was ever a fire, a C02 battery located in the main deck Winch Room could be activated to extinguish the fire.

Use of the shaft generator was a complicated process which which required the ships engineers to factor in a lot of considerations ... unfortunately it wasnt as easy as - we're up to speed / flick the switch. The output from the shaft generator was dependent on the speed of the Werkspoor engine, in rough seas more power would have been needed to navigate the ship and in calmer seas less power. Whilst the main DC control panel had some provision for stabilising the output, much was dependent on the ships engineers for monitoring and controlling the speed of the main engine.

An extremely useful feature built into the Ross Revenge electrical design was the facility of synchronising the shaft generator with the port side Deutz generator (shown on our DC Panel Layout 199-RR-DS-001) which effectively allowed the shaft generator to be reverse fed - using the generator as a motor. Put simply, under these circumstances the Werkspoor main engine could be powered by the shaft generator.

Shaft Generator Advantages
  • The greatest advantage was that there was no air pollution and noise levels were much lower than the diesel powered counterparts.
  • Fuel costs were reduced
  • Installation space was reduced as the generator could be installed close and in-line with the shaft of the main engine.

Shaft Generator Disadvantages
  • With the shaft generator in use the efficiency of the main engine and vari pitch propeller was reduced during low propulsion.
  • No power generation was available whilst the ship was in port.
  • As the generator required the ship to run at a constant speed, for a ship equipped with VPP - as was the Ross Revenge, the ship would have to run at constant speed even under low load conditions.

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