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MWM Generator

Ross Revenge - MWM Generator(Front)

The MWM Generator, also known as the 'Harbour' generator, is a three cylinder 30kVA DC diesel generator located on the starboard side of the engine room and was the first up in the sequence for starting the Deutz generators ...... which in turn were used to start the Werkspoor main engine.

As with the Deutz generators the MWM had to be started with compressed air - assuming that there was enough air pressure in the compressor receiver tanks. If there was insufficient pressure available hand pumping needed to be carried out until enough pressure was available to start the generator. This process in itself could take up to an hour to complete. Ross Revenge - MWM Generator(Side)

In terms of electrical output the MWM is the smallest of the generator sets within the engine room, making it the most fuel efficient, lagging behind the two Deutz sets which were each rated at 120kVA. The MWM was not only used to power the compressors it also served a dual purpose in that it served the ships electrical 'essential services'.

You can see from our General DC Layout 199-RR-DCP-01 that the extent of electrical services the MWM served was considerable.

From the above it should now become clearer how the MWM earned its 'Harbour Generator' tag. Whilst in port the ships electrical systems could be powered and one of the compressors was energised, ready for the ship to return back to sea.


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