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Ross Revenge Engine Room

With the floor plate covering an area of 104 square meters, and a ceiling height of approximately 6m, the Ross Revenge Engine Room understandably occupies the largest space onboard - over 600 cubic meters in total.

On first entering the Engine Room you are faced with the engineering marvel that is the 10 cylinder Werkspoor engine but whilst this takes center stage there are a host of other services within this space;

  • 5 Primary Water Pumps
  • 7 Auxillary Water Pumps
  • 6 Hydraulic Pumps
  • 5 Heat Exchanger Systems
  • 4 DC Generator Sets
  • DC Distribution Systems

  • [Dwg's 199-RR-DCP-01 | 199-RR-DS-001 | 199-RR-DS-02]
  • Oil Separation Plants [Dwg199-RR-FS-001]

  • ... and numerous other valves and sub-systems.

For the moment we take a look at the main items of machinery but when time permits we will also delve deeper into the Engine Room auxillary systems.