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Deutz Generators

Ross Revenge - Deutz Generators

During the Freyr build two Deutz AG generator sets were installed on the port and starboard sides of the main Werkspoor engine. Whilst the starboard generator set is still in place, and can be made operational, the port side Duetz generator unfortunately suffered from misuse and is no longer serviceable.

Rated at 120kVA DC, and coupled to AEG dynamo's - each providing a 600A output, the generators were not only required for providing power to the ship but also to start the engine itself. As you will have seen from our MWM section the first of the Deutz sets was reliant upon the MWM generator providing sufficient compressed air to start up.

In addition to compressed air being available each Deutz generator would also have to be 'primed' prior to startup Ross Revenge - Deutz Generators in such that a hand pump had to be operated to pump oil pressure around the set to mitigate wear and tear during the start up process.

Both Deutz generator sets were cooled by circulated fresh water, pumped from header tanks, with the resultant hot water either being dissipated into the main engine water system (to enable pre-heating of the engine block prior to the Werkspoor startup), or being passed through heat exchangers, together with sea water, and then being discharged over the side of the ship.

Pictured is side and top views of the starboard Deutz generator which is still in working condition.

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