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Ross Revenge - Engine Room Compressors

Pictured left (foreground) are the two Hansa air compressors installed onboard the Ross Revenge, and as detailed previously in our MWM Generator section.

Marine compressors installed onboard ships are critical pieces of machinery which serve a number of applications. both on deck and below deck in the ships engine room. With the ships auxillary generators and the main Werkspoor engine being dependent on the Hansa compressors, it fell upon the shipa engineers to ensure that these were kept in good condition at all times.

Uses of Compressed Air
The Werkspoor Engine and Duetz Generators set aside, the Ross Revenge compressors were used for many other applications including;

  • (a) On Deck for drilling, grinding, buffing and pressurised water jet cleaning

  • (b) For pneumatic tools and hydraulics

  • (c) Pressure testing machinery and pipelines

  • (d) For supplying water to accomodation, galley and WC's by ensuring that the ships Hydrophore was kept pressurised

  • (e) Ships whistle / fog horn

Air Compressor Basics
As the name suggests air compressors produce pressurised air by decreasing the volume of air and consequently increasing its pressure. Different types of compressors can be selected according to their usage - but in essence there are four different types or air compressor;

- (1) Reciprocating Compressors
- (2) Centrifugal Compressors
- (3) Rotary Vane Compressors
- (4) Rotary Screw Compressors

The Ross Revenge, typical of many trawlers of its age, employs 2 HANSA reciprocating compressors. These are the original compressors installed during the MS Freyr build, which to this day can still be made operational.

Compressor Operation
You will have seen from our previous MWM section that power to the HANSA compressors was provided by the MWM 'harbour generator'. With power applied and the compressors initiated one of the units would be run until there was enough compressed air in the tanks to start one of the Deutz generators, approximately 30bar pressure would have been required to start the one of the Deutz generators. The video opposite details how this was achieved.

Being one of the most critical piece of equipment onboard the Ross Revenge the compressors were provided with many safety features including;

- Low Oil Pressure Alarms
- Water Temperature Trips
- Bursting Disc
- Motor Overload

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