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Mess Room

Radio Caroline Mess Room
Freyr Mess Room

If you are visiting the Ross Revenge for the first time it's likely the first place you will be taken to is the ships Mess Room for your safety induction.

Like many other areas onboard the Ross Revenge, the Mess was also subject to modifications at the time of the Santander Radio Caroline fit out. Keeping in with tradition the Mess is currently the place for crew and broadcasters to eat and socialise at the end of their working day, with seating for 10 at the dining table.

However, as you can see from the original Freyr layout opposite, this was not the case during the Ross Revenge fishing days. Whilst the 10 dining places shown at the bottom of the plan layout are still intact, another 16 dining places were provided during the Freyr build on the opposite side of the room, later to be removed during the Radio Caroline modifications.

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