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Engine Order Telegraph

Ross Revenge Bridge Telegraph Ross Revenge Engine Room Telegraph

The Engine Order Telegraph was an essential piece of equipment that enabled the Captain of the Ross Revenge and his engineers down in the engine room to communicate with each other. With the Captain located at the uppermost part of the ship he would have been unaware of any issues with the engine or propeller ... and likewise the engineers would have been unaware of any navigational issues which were only visible from the Bridge. Pictured above left is the Bridge Telegraph, and right, the Engine Room Telegraph onboard the Ross Revenge.

Although the Telegraph and bells were in two locations it would have been either the Captain or an able seaman (1st Mate) who would have initiated the call for a change in speed or direction - those typically being;

Ahead Direction Movements
  • Navigation Full
  • Full Ahead
  • Half Ahead
  • Slow Ahead
  • Dead Slow Ahead
  • Stop

Astern Direction Movements
  • Dead Slow Astern
  • Slow Astern
  • Half Astern
  • Full Astern
  • Emergency Astern

In addition to the two telegraphs pictured above, additional controls were provided on the Ross Revenge a) by means of an emergeneny manouevering telegraph for the the ships engineer, localised at the main engine, and b) on the Bridge Control Station.