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Never Before Seen .....
Plans of the worlds most famous Pirate Radio Ship [...]
1958 to Current Day .....
Freyr to Ross Revenge history documented in one place. [...]
Getting Dirty .....
Below deck. Exploring the mechanical and electrical systems oboard. [...]


We are proud to see that our switchgear is still in use onboard the Ross Revenge and in such an incredible condition “
Claus Phillip
[ Rudolph Schultze GmbH ]
----------------------------- ... “
[ ---------------- ]

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About This Site

This site documents the orgin and history of the Ross Revenge from the late 1950's RE1 Build through the GY718 Fishing Era to the current Radio Caroline occupation. We try hard not veer off the path but to be honest that has been almost impossible to do. The companies involved in the initial build have enough history between them to warrant a website dedicated to them ... let alone the Fishing and Radio Station chapters. So - if we do veer off course it's purely to focus on important elements of the ships' history.

We dont profess to this site being the ultimate 'one stop shop' for all things Ross Revenge, but prefer to look on it as a starting block for community based interaction. If you dont agree with what we've written - correct us via our Forums, and likewise if you feel you have something that should be added to the site let us know and we'll incorporate it.

Unlike many other Ross Revenge sites - this one wont be posted online and left to gather dust. We have enough drawing work alone to keep us popping in and out of the site for the next couple of years. We hope the Forums and Software will keep us engaging with the community a long time after that.

About The Author

George Johnson
George Johnson
Electrical Engineer
My introduction to the Ross Revenge was in the summer of 2015 to assist with the ships insurance requirements. Initially dealing with the electrical testing onboard, this subsequently led to drawing up electrical layouts and preserving the orginal blueprints dating back to the MS Freyr days.

As you can see from this site it will be a work in progress for a long time to come. Any questions please feel free to contact me via the Forums.