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Rudolph Schultze GmbH

Rudolph Schultz (Senior)
Formed at the height of the World War 2 and based in the shipping town of Wilhelmshaven, Germany - Rudolph Schultze were one of the countries leading electrical engineering companies, employing a workforce of over 500 employees at the height of their success, ranging from electrical tradesmen, engineers and designers.

The company founder Rudolph Schultze Snr (pictured left) was lead designer for the business and from our conversations with the current Managing Director we know that the company is steeped in history with some very prestigious contracts to its name, not least the electrical design of the famous battleship Tirpitz - dubbed 'The Beast' by Winston Churchill.

Deviating away from the Freyr for a moment (we told you we would) if you have a spare 20 minutes this Tirpitz Documentary shows the sheer scale of this one project for Rudolph Schultze.

Back to the Freyr - Rudolph Schultze were commissioned to design, supply and install the electrical switchgear on the Freyr and sister ships Vikingur, Sigurdur and Mai. Their order book shown below details the switchgear manufacture dates for all four ships being booked in between October to December 1959. What doesn't tie in with what we already know is that the switchgear for all four ships was delivered to the Rickmers Werft shipyard in Bremmerhaven - not Seebeck Werft where the main ship structure was built. This would indicate that all four ships may have been moved from Seebeck Werft for the internal fit out and is something we'll explore at a later date.

We go into a lot more detail on the ships electrical installations provided by Rudolph Schultze in our DC Switchgear section.

Rudolph Schultze Order Book