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Ross Revenge Purchased By Radio Caroline

Ross Revenge Detection Order
With the loss of the Mi Amigo on 19th March 1980 the hunt was on to find another ship capable of continuing Radio Caroline's broadcasting.

Initially an approach was made to Greenpeace. With their extensive fleet, enquiries were made to see if one of their fleet could be made available, but this fell on deaf ears, with Greenpeace not wanting to get involved.

Contacts in Hull and Grimsby were then approached by Peter Chicago and others, resulting in a tour of Lord Nelson, a factory fishing ship, suitably sized - but unfortunatley requiring around £30.000.00 of work to get the ship into a seaworthy condition.

It was during the inspection of the Lord Nelson that the Ross Revenge was mentioned, an icelandic 1960's side trawler - whose last owner, Ross Trawlers, fell victim to the Cod Wars and the decline of the fishing industry, it seemed that Ross Revenge could well be the vessel that Radio Caroline were looking for.

With the vessel moored at Cairnryan shipyard in Scotland, which had been aquired by Ross Trawlers